Shaykh Muhammad Sa‘id Ramadan al-Bouti (رحمه الله) on Islam and Western Civilization

There is a great number of Muslims now who have no clear concept about the Islamic system of the Islamic State which we are hoping for. There is a great number of Muslims who are fascinated by Democracy and its slogans. They, for instance, see how Islamists call for and insist upon the application of democratic rule, so they [Islamists] seize power under the name of Democracy. The supporters of Democracy have always wondered, whether the Islamists would rule democratically if they gained power or not…


Many Muslims nowadays are infatuated by the Western Civilization. They believe that we should apply the Western banking system (dealing with interest); and the Western mode of social relationships between men and women. They also believe that going back to the restriction of hijab is another kind of punishment which is almost impossible to apply…


The enemies of Islam are enlisting “an army of temptations,” which will be their first “arsenal” with which they can confront their Muslim enemies. How can these Muslims liberate themselves from these “lures and their fires” unless they are safeguarded by a sublime Islamic education; and shielded with a truthful submissiveness to Almighty Allah’s Will? A great many paradoxical ideologies and creeds are “cast” into the “arena” of Islamic thought so as to create divisions between various groups of people;  in consequence, it causes them to fight against each other. How can these warring factions, then, unite intimately on the one path of Jihad in the cause of Allah? Looking right and left, we find no one who might be concerned enough to solve any of these dilemmas, no matter how serious and grave these problems might sound; no matter how hard the colonialistic circles might try to retain, if not increase, these problems in the Islamic society.

[Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa‘id Ramadan al-Bouti (r), الجهاد في الإسلام: كيف نفهمه وكيف نمارسه English translation: Jihad in Islam: How to Understand and Practise it by Munzer Adel Absi, Dar al-Fikr, Damascus, 2006, pp. 146-148]


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